IEDF February 2023

By Rosheda Müller




Warmest greetings.


Here we are, well into the first quarter of a new year and the IEDF continues to increase momentum as it navigates along a path of inclusive, non-partisan engagement in the sole interests of its constituency, the informal economy of South Africa.


Indeed, our ideals, mission, and core functions remain resolute and not open to compromise. Our allegiance, at the end of the day is to the entire South African nation, for if we are able to ensure tangible development of the informal economy, and more rapidly so, then the relevance of the IEDF as a movement for change shall resonate through the corridors of power and consolidate its position as a beacon of hope for the voiceless and jobless.


An interesting development of late has been the utterances of government spokespersons with regard to informal trading permit fees. At its 55th national congress, ANC sentiment was strongly in favour of scrapping payment for permits. Rightfully it was noted that informal traders in general and in particular, women traders are the most vulnerable of workers and hence should not be levied with unaffordable permit fees. The IEDF fully concurs but goes further by encouraging government to gazette it in an ordinance, thereby preventing errand municipalities from any mutinous and/or opposing reaction. Furthermore, we would not oppose a permit system based upon fair regulation and good order. We shall soon submit our motivations to the DSBD in support thereof.


But of course the current energy crisis continues to occupy center stage with devastating consequences for all South Africans, and in particular the informal economy. We are being impacted on so many fronts including loss of income, loss of fresh produce such as milk, meat, fish and fresh veg, and costs of alternative energy supplies. That is in addition to our daily struggles merely to survive the costs of living. The IEDF shall continue to petition authorities for any forms of relief that might make it better for us. In that sense, I want to appeal to you all to comment on this contentious issue. We need your feedback. Who knows some of you out there might even have ideas and probable solutions which we can use in our deliberations with government…so don’t be shy…reply!



Thank you, and
kindest regards.

Rosheda Müller