MEDIA RELEASE | 22 February 2023 


The Informal Economy Development Forum Partners with Local Community Development Organisation in Napier 


The Informal Economy Development Forum, in partnership with Resilience Lab, a local business and community development organisation in Napier, Western Cape, recently hosted an information session with entrepreneurs and informal businesses in the region and surrounds.

The session followed a day-long familiarisation tour around Napier, and along with local traders, aimed to highlight the potential for economic growth and tourism. “We see this as a remarkable and much-needed opportunity to help small businesses thrive and to get Napier, the hidden gem of the Western Cape, on the map”, said Nazley Salie, Head of Resilience Lab.

Attendees of the session were introduced to the product offering of the Informal Economy Development Forum, covering a variety of topics, including access to opportunities for informal businesses, training and development for women and youth in leadership roles, the creation of market access for informal and corporate businesses, and how to drive transformation to advance business sustainability and resilience, with a focus on building local entrepreneurs.

The partnership between the Informal Economy Development Forum and Resilience Lab will ensure that stakeholders of the informal economy in the Cape Agulhas Region have access to unrivalled tools and resources to assist with growing sustainable businesses. It will also enable informal businesses in the Cape Agulhas region to leverage a huge network of Informal Economy Development Forum members with corporate and government links.

Chantal Maxim, National Director of Business Development for the Informal Economy Development Forum commented: “We’ve engaged with Nazley Salie on various business and industry development forums, and we believe this partnership will enable us to pull our resources and industry knowledge to compliment the current support structures for informal businesses in Napier and the wider Cape Agulhas Region.”


About The Informal Economy Development Forum

Informal Economy Development Forum plays a leading role in being the catalyst for innovation and transformation. We place focus on creating opportunities for Informal Businesses with training & development in leadership roles and creating market access for informal and corporate businesses alike.

We drive transformation to advance business sustainability and resilience, with a focus on building and assisting small and informal businesses with launching their product/s and/or service. We also offer training and education in their respective areas and offer continuous support. Moreover, the Informal Economy Development Forum works closely with NGOs and NPOs to assist in building sustainable communities within our country.


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About Resilience Lab

Resilience Lab was established to address the various Socio-Economic challenges in Napier. Founded by Nazley Salie, Resilience Lab drives her vision to develop and sustain transformative strategies and programmes for communities and businesses. The overarching objective of Resilience Lab is to transform Napier into a cohesive community where businesses and the community at large can tackle common problems, provide mutual support and work together for a positive future.