Stage 6 Loadshedding

 There are so many ways that stage 6 loadshedding affected youth in business. It doesn’t matter what industry or field of business our youth is in; we are all affected by this national crisis.

Firstly, with no power our youth automatically gets shut down, as we depend on digital marketing and platforms to promote our businesses.

No Wi-Fi, means:

  • No sales
  • No business activity
  • No growth
  • No marketing
  • No production
  • No income

Imagine having the above issues every day?

Imagine your business as a machine, just when you think you’re moving forward, the power plug gets pulled out… How discouraging?

The solution is not generators, as 95% of youth small businesses can’t afford one.

Our solution is in government. Losing power each day, is starting to lead our youth into losing focus on many things and mainly business. With this comes many distractions, which could possibly lead our young people away from business and them wanting to choose another route of making money. This could possibly be illegal business and definitely adding a crack to our youth unemployment rate.

Our youth needs the power, to stay connected, to learn, to progress and to wake up every day knowing that they have the opportunity to make their business successful. We can’t do none of this with consistent Loadshedding.

I hope our government can solve this issue, because it’s slowly becoming a norm and that’s another pandemic on its own.

– NV Funk | Creative Director IEDF Youth Chamber