Personal Care Business Chamber


It is an absolute honour to be writing the first newsletter for the recently formed IEDF Personal Care Business Chamber.

We recognise what integral part the Personal Care market sector contributes to the informal economy and the impact the entrepreneurs in this sector have in their communities.


The Personal Care Business chamber is the champion of all small and informal businesses within this sector which includes Hair and Beauty Salons, Massage Therapy, and the Tattoo industry.

The main aim of empowerment is focused on inclusivity, an acknowledgement that everyone matters and deserves to be treated as special. It is our aim to equip all the above sectors to provide a professional service and products at a reasonable rate to the communities surrounding them.

The chamber strives to empower all the above sectors with options of growth and sustainable success. Creating a community of like-minded business owners that love their careers and wants to be part of a movement that impacts change.  The salon owners will also be able to benefit from preferential pricing through a collective agreement with major suppliers.


In turn this allows for all the consumers in this sector to have these services and products available to them where they live, at prices they can afford.

We simply cannot allow for economic boundaries to determine anyone’s self-worth and image. It is only when we feel beautiful inside and out that we can truly impact the world we live in through confidence and self-care.


The empowerment program for small business owners within the hair and beauty industry has been launched successfully and 29 salon owners in the Western Cape have received business coaching, practical and theoretical product training on one of the world’s largest professional brands. A portion of salons are in the final stages of funding to empower them even further and expand on their current dreams and ambitions.

Salons are being assisted in formalising their businesses to become funding ready and creating a brighter future for their businesses and families.

Another exciting project is the opportunities for all woman who are struggling to make ends meet. The woman in our communities is the backbone that keeps us going and looks after our future as they raise our children to rise above their circumstances.

But these brave women require assistance to do what is required. Soon a woman empowerment program will be launched where woman would be able to be create a side hustle within the Personal Care Sector.

This will allow for them to utilise their personal networks and promote amazing Hair and Beauty products, from which they will be able to create an additional income stream for their families.

No one should have to endure abuse or neglect. Everyone deserves a chance to escape gender-based violence and economic abuse.

Keep an eye out for all notifications and announcements as we change our communities through empowering our woman.

Join the movement that drives change and impacts lives.


          Lenard Watts, Chairman of the Personal Care Business Chamber