Oratile Mataboge(National Director of Governance), Byron Van Der Ross (Chairperson of the National Youth Chamber), Nathan Van Dalen (National Creative Director)




Cape Town, Thursday 17th – November 2022, The Informal Economy Development Forum launched their National Youth Chamber with the aim to be the unifying body within the informal economy, through being the voice of the voiceless and being the catalyst of innovation for creatives.


As the National Youth Chamber strategically undergoes the formation of their central committee, the appointed board hits the ground running by immediately strategizing and putting measures into place to ensure that a solid foundation is being laid to enforce an effective plan of impact for youth in South Africa.


The Board: An ongoing, strong and barely controllable emotion is the common passion and urge to have an impact in the significantly high youth unemployment rate in South Africa. The National Youth Chamber journeys to focus on Job creation, social economic issues and equal opportunity for youth in South Africa.


Byron Van Der Ross – Chairperson of the National youth Chamber – IEDF “A dream worth pursuing is a picture and blueprint of a person’s purpose and potential, where others see a significantly high number of unemployed youths, we see a significantly high opportunity for growth and revolutionary experience through Entrepreneurship, Education and Training.”


NV Funk – Creative Director of the National Youth Chamber – IEDF “As the National creative director, I aim to inspire the youth of South Africa with my creativity for every concept, project and idea. I believe my role is to instill a sense of possibility by assisting in watering creative seeds and maintaining growth to the best of my ability.”

 Oratile Matabonge – Governance Director of the National Youth Chamber IEDF “I believe that in order to transform our youth’s potential in the new democratic dispensation, we need to focus not only on providing education but also the necessary policies and strategic implementations. I believe that our diversity and history as a country should serve as a catalyst to youth development and progress.”

 The Board states: “The formation of this chamber is not for representation purposes but an act to enforce impact. Every citizen of South Africa will hear us as from now moving forward and we will take on the responsibility of being the voice of the voiceless”

The IEDF is proud to take the lead in the youth development and will follow the success of these young ones as they flourish. 


For any media requests, please contact the Youth Chamber media desk, on 087 094 3501 or cell number 083 795 0535, or send and email to info@iedf.org.za