David Venter (Chairperson of the IEDF), Minister Mereille Wenger (WC Minister of Finance), Rosheda Muller (President of the IEDF), Shamiela Edwards (Provincial Organiser of WCITC) and Joanne Johnson (Deputy Director)

A pre-arranged meeting between the Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition, and the Western Cape department of Finance took place at the latter’s Long Street offices on Friday 25- 11-2022. WCITC provincial organizer Ms. Shamiela Edwards was joined and supported by the IEDF chairperson Mr. David Venter, and Rosheda Muller, the chairperson of the WCITC. The department was represented by Minister Mereille Wenger and the deputy D.G. Ms. Joanne Johnston. Among the topics discussed were issues of collaboration and partnerships between the informal economy and the provincial government. 

Minister Wenger showed support for these initiatives and pledged her department’s support. She acknowledged the role of informal business units and workers within the provincial economic architecture. In particular, the department’s G4J [Growth for Jobs] initiatives we believe, will find resonance with the sector, and it will be interesting to see how the process will unfold going forward. David Venter, IEDF chairperson, emphasized the importance of sustainability of businesses after skills training processes, and indeed how the department would assist in ensuring growth, possibly through access to markets and funding. On his suggestion, Minister Wenger agreed that regular meetings such as these, ought to become the norm. 

The meeting concluded with a commitment from both sides that lines of communication between the entities would remain active going forward.