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This is my story

My name is Dagmar, married with 3 amazing girls  live in Belhar, before I lived in a small area called Mandalay with my parents and 2 sisters my parents were strict and didn’t take any nonsense everything was always on time will my parents always keep the hand over us I went to a decent Primary School went to a decent High School and anytime might be one of my parents got sick basically where we as a family pool together to help around the house and toys and everything my school my school work fell behind I had failed a few grades and never got my matric as time went on I decided to go work and met my husband where we had our first daughter and was at home then applied for work again and that’s how it went up and down up and down took us a long short story short things want easy for me I always work hard for what my family and I needed and times got tough in the year where Colbert started I did a few courses with hairdressing and that’s why I decided ok let me start something small because I’m at home let me see if I can earn a living at home looking looking after my children and doing people’s hair what started off good and as time went on people got used to me doing their hair and I just decided okay so why don’t I start my own business and carry on with the journey that I started and that is where I am now I applied at IEDF for some funding and to give me some training as the journey started I am excited to venture on into IEDF and the assistance that they will be helping not just for myself but many others out there unfortunately my business is not registered so it’s it’s a few hiccups here and there and up till now it’s a it’s a good journey will enjoy working further with amazing people informal Economy Development Forum