Samoosa Boss

I bought the business 12 years ago.

When I bought the business it stated in my contact that I require training from the previous owners unfortunately they left without giving me the necessary training. I had to pray for guidance and wisdom because this was art. After failure after failure I started to master the product and added flavour after flavour. Today I’m a proud owner of 25 flavours. I supply coffee shops, restaurants, markets, festivals etc. Four years ago I was approached by a confectionery baker she wanted to partner with me we gave it a go but unfortunately things did not work so well and we split. Then I started to get queries for sweet fancies etc. Every evening I would watch a YouTube video on how to bake various types of cakes. We are now doing sweet and savory. We also do unbaked frozen product anything to do with pastries. Samoosa Boss also have agents that we supply with variety flavours as requested from our product and price list. We also make use of courrier services as requested. Samoosa Boss also helps young entrepreneurs with guidance on how to start your own business. 

My vision for Samoosa Boss is to grow it into a franchise one day soon.