Report by Rosheda Müller

President, IEDF.

November 2022.

Warmest greeting to all my colleagues and comrades. I trust and hope this report finds you all in good health. {God-willing}

My transition from being the leader of SAITA, to becoming President of the IEDF has impacted my life on so many levels. In more ways than one it has been an eye-opener and has revealed to me not just to vast extent of the informal economy, but also how diverse and interesting it is. Indeed, I have the hard-working ladies and gents of the IEDF to thank in that respect.

In all my years as an activist, i have placed the interest of the constituency above and beyond those of my own. I have scanned the metaphorical horizon for decades, searching for opportunities which might be exploited in the interests of the informal economy. Working within the IEDF has strengthened my resolved and I am emboldened by the support comrades. Ultimately, the end result we all seek is a new revitalized economy wherein unemployment is immeasurably reduced, wherein sustainable job creation is re-energized to much greater levels.

My recent attendance at the SMME/Cooperative Summit at the iconic 22 on Sloane in Bryanston (14/15-11-2022) was indeed watershed moment in the history of the informal economy. Minister Stella Ngobeni Abrahams of the DSBD outlined and discussed the implementation of the N.I.S.E.D (National Integrated Small Enterprise Development) plan. This document has the approval and been adopted by parliament.

I was asked by Minister Abrhams to read out the declaration of the N.I.S.E.D plan which I gladly did. The broader points of the declaration charges us with over-sight abilities, if you will, to keep government to account for the successful implementation of this policy. Indeed, i expressed IEDF’s readiness to support and assist them wherever possible. This was also an opportunity to once again fly the IEDF flag at events of national interest.

I felt that it was important to impress upon the minister, and all in authority that the IEDF stood firmly in the corner of the unity, and that our wok on the ground has, and continues to reap the reward of a policy based on unity.

As the end of year approaches, and the festive season beckons, i urge you all to be mindful of your safety and of those closest to you.

Regards and respects to you all

Rosheda Muller