Labour talk has been published for the last two months in the newsletter, and comments has been made regarding the content.

One of the most asked questions asked is, about payment of salaries and overtime.

Salaries are paid Monthly or per hour. Currently in South Africa, we have a 45 Hour work week as per BCEA. There is a National Minimum Wage, declared yearly.  For the 2022 year the following applies: R23.19 per hour.  This includes domestic workers and farmworkers.

The rate for monthly is still R3500-00.

There should also be clear distinction between the workers, the “weekly workers” and your Bonafede Shift workers. This is due to Shift workers having to be paid night shift allowance. Therefore, is very clear how payments should be structured

Please take note that employers who does not pay their employees at least the National Minimum Wage, are subject to fine and possible jail time, as this deemed a criminal offence.

Please contact Veronica Van Aarde for further information on this matter and other labour requests on: 083 232 9259

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