Informal Economy Build Back Better launches in Mbombela

On the 19th September 2022, the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF) team led by the President of the IEDF Rosheda Muller set course for “the province of the Rising Sun” which is otherwise known as Mpumalanga for yet another Informal Economy Build Back Better (IEBBB) conference.

The IEBBB bridges the gap between the informal economy, government and corporate through creating a platform where all leaders are able to have open dialogue regarding the possibility of pursuing an integrated future of the informal economy in South Africa. Since the IEBBB launch in July 2022, the IEDF has remained consistent in initiating the dialogue across the three sectors by hosting an IEBBB at various locations across the country. These include; Cape Town, Garden Route, Johannesburg and most recently; Mbombela.

The event was greatly attended by the Siyaphambili Association from the Nkomazi Municipality which is approximately 100 km east of Mbombela. Representatives from Trade Union for Musicians of South Africa (TUMSA), Wholesale & Retail (W&R) Seta and government through the Provincial Economic Development Manager Mr Lemmy Mdluli and Deputy Director of Compliance and Enforcement Genevieve Fynn were present for this highly productive IEBBB event.

The President of the IEDF Rosheda Muller kick-started the event with an interactive session where she introduced herself as well as the IEDF and got to know the informal traders from Nkomazi Municipality. During this session she shared her experiences as a trader at Cape Town’s Grand Parade market and got to listen to and understand the trader’s experiences as well as different challenges. This session was the perfect ice breaker the event needed as it set the standard for the event.

IEDF National Organiser Vuyo Malafu welcomed everyone to the event introduced the IEDF as well as explained its core values to all attendees thereafter she explained the importance of informal businesses being formalised as well as being compliant to enable them to have access to the various offers government and corporates have to offer. She also elaborated further on the IEDF’s role in the process as a catalyst for the innovation and transformation of the informal economy.

Deputy Director of Compliance and Enforcement Genevieve Fynn expressed appreciation to the IEDF for organising platforms as these where government is able to hear the changes needed for the people by the people on the ground. She went on to say that the office of the MEC in the Mpumalanga province is “looking to ensure uniformity across all municipalities in Mpumalanga, and we can only do so if we know the issues happening in every municipality”. She expressed that the office of the MEC is expressing their commitment to both the IEDF as well as the informal traders of Mpumalanga and they shall spread the word of the IEBBB far and wide.

Desmond from W&R Seta spoke on the various training programmes they have to offer as well as how to apply for some of them. He expressed that if the traders are organised; they can communicate via the IEDF and be a part of coming training programmes offered by W&R Seta. He expressed the importance of being part of a database which allows for them to access the traders easier.

President of the IEDF Rosheda Muller proceeded to explain the needs of the informal economy from municipalities as well as advised the traders on how they can go about communicating with and working together with their municipality to ensure successful trading as well as moving towards an integrated approach of management around the sector. She stressed the importance of traders being a part of a database as well as organising themselves and establishing a unified body that has representatives that speak directly to the needs of the informal economy. She went on to say “As the IEDF, we are here to support you and we are going to work with you till the end.” She touched on various aspects such as communication, participation, storage aesthetics as well as expectations.

The event ended off with a questions and answers (Q&A) session coupled with a feedback session. Secretary General of TUMSA in Mpumalanga, Mr Alpheus Nhlabathi expressed his gratitude for the IEDF for organising such an informative session, he went on to say; “I have learnt a lot that I did not know through this session. As an influencer; I am going to spread the word and teach others what I have learnt as well. Thank you IEDF for this.”

To ensure a successful as well as sustainable economy; there is dire need for collaboration as well as integration amongst the three sectors; Government, Corporate and the informal economy. The IEDF shall continue to be the unifying body that brings the three together and ensures that the informal economy is recognised and acknowledged as the backbone of our economy. The IEDF shall continue to assist informal traders to play a leading role in job creation by being a catalyst for innovation and development in the informal economy.

“Each transaction with an informal trader is an investment into the life and future of the family the trader is working hard to provide for; let us keep supporting our future leaders”

For More information on the IEBBB as well as IEDF please contact our Media Liaison Vuyokazi Malafu at OR 0768617106

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