MEDIA RELEASE – 3 August 2022

Cape Town, 3 August, 2022 – Rosheda Muller,  the  outgoing President of the South African Informal Traders Alliance (SAITA  2013 till 2022), is moving to a leadership position in the Informal Economy Development Forum (IEDF), to help drive and integrate the informal sector. 

The IEDF Board has appointed Muller as the President of the IEDF which represents  all the largest national member-based organizations within the informal economy.

The IEDF will now collectively represent the voice of over 3.3 million informal businesses, as well as the 4 million informal employees .   The IEDF was established in May 2022, to drive   economic growth , and act as the conduit between Government, corporate South Africa and the Informal Economy.

 David Venter, Chairperson of the IEDF says: “Comrade Rosheda has led the South African  informal sector   with drive and passion for more than 30 years.  We believe she will bring her skills, wisdom and experience to her new leadership role, and look forward to working with her to revolutionize  the Informal Economy.

Rosheda Muller, President of the IEDF says: “The informal economy represents one third of all employment in South Africa, and is a critical economic incubator for both job creation and entrepreneurship, yet it receives very little support from Government and the formal economy, and it is exactly this which we are aiming to change. It’s time to step up the pressure – and the collaboration.”

“My life within the informal business sector is literally an open book. There are chapters on struggles, despair, disappointments, and broken promises. Conversely there are also volumes of successes, achievements, positive breakthroughs, and hope. The latter are those which have made my 30 years tenure within this sector all worthwhile, and the catalyst that has driven my passion for the people I serve, to heights which even I had not imagined

“I have, and continue to believe that as a leader, one must place the needs of those you serve above those of your own. Similarly, you must provide the kind of guidance which, when utilized will result in benefit for those for which it had been designed”.

“As president of SAITA, I have gained much in terms of leadership, and negotiating skills. This repertoire has been quantitatively enhanced over the 8 years that I have been at the helm, hence I believe my tenure as president has been fulfilled. It is therefore with a sense of achievement that I announce that I shall be stepping down as president, effective immediately


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  1. What an achievement well earned and deserve. Shukran to Aunty Rosheda and Farieda who introduced us the ladies of bishoplavis to the IEDF. Speaking on behalf we are grateful. May The Almighty grant Aunty and everybody on board all the best and may the IEDF just go from strength to strength. Shukran fr all the efforts in assisting us through these difficult times in our businesses. May Allah swt reward you all in abundance. Aameen

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