National Director: Informal Economy Support

In our last edition, we discussed the matter of labour in the informal economy and how labour relations ties into employer, employee environment.

In this edition, I would like to address the issue of the CCMA

Employees refers matters to the CCMA, relating to unfair dismissal, and other labour relation issues. As soon as the CCMA has confirmed they have jurisdiction on a matter, the case will go for a CON/ARB,  

The Commissioner will see if the matter can be settled (Conciliated) , before going to a Arbitration .  

If the matter goes to Arbitration, employers are reminded that the case will take the form of a court -like procedure.   Evidence is checked, and cross questioned.  

It is important to remember that the ‘chain of evidence’ is crucial here.  Documentation and meeting minutes confirming what the employer did to remedy a situation prior to taking action will be needed by the CCMA Commissioner.

One needs to take special notice that documented information will be needed by the Commissioner, when he /she makes a ruling In the matter,

Please contact Veronica Van Aarde , the P A of Paul Bester, for further information on this matter and other labour requests on  083 232 9259


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